How does data & analytics apply to your business strategy?

Big Data is ultimately a buzzword. Everyone’s talking about it and most understand the significant benefits and opportunities data can bring. But in practice, many are still attempting to understand their own business problems and map them to new data technologies and operating models.

We enable you to simply focus on the outcomes, because we take away the marketing noise created by many individual tool vendors and help you understand what kind of instruments you really need to create the best composition for your business.

Our Big Data & Analytics Services

Technology alone is not the solution.

We work closely with our clients to advise, innovate, design and deliver the right data and analytics solution for their specific business challenges.

The journey starts with linking your key business drivers to specific use cases, before choosing any new tools, software or dashboards. Always keeping the ‘why’ in mind we assess your existing capabilities and deliver valuable quick wins, whilst working toward a scalable, tested solution for your entire business.

Your Big Data & Analytics Journey

As the first for introducing an agile way of working to digital transformation, we create tangible value for your business often and fast. We work in sprints using real use cases to test the right blend of models and technologies for your business, before building out at scale.

Innovation Workshop

Invite us to spend a day learning everything about your business, your key drivers, existing capabilities and vision for the future. After the visit we will produce an extensive set of recommendations, industry trends and thought leadership in a report, which you will receive within 24 hours.

Mapping Business Value to User Stories

Keeping the ‘why’ in mind at all times and introducing an agile approach to digital transformation we create well-defined epics and user stories and link these back to your key drivers, challenges and objectives, demonstrating tangible use cases and showcasing the value that data will bring for your business.

Data Strategy Workshop

Here we align your business objectives with our findings so far to collate a strategic document describing your existing data landscape, a robust data strategy, potential new business models and roadmap for the recommended course of action. This practical strategy will enable the successful delivery of data and analytics across your business.

Solution Stack Definition

Only once the business challenges and data strategy are defined and linked back to key objectives do we begin to look at technologies. At this point we will recommend, architect and build your solution stack with the right blend of tools, technologies and apps to make your specific business goals and future vision a reality.

Pilot Use Case & POC

Continuing to work in sprints we execute a controlled delivery of the new data solution stack applying the capabilities to one real use case within the business. Testing and optimisation will happen regularly to ensure the final result is the right one to complement a scalable big data & analytics solution to roll out across your business.

Implementation at Scale

It’s now time to put the tried and tested proof of concept into full production for your business. We not only help deliver the solution but manage the entire programme, build the right teams and effectively communicate change to ensure implementation and adoption is successful and maintained going forward.

Change Management

Change will not work without people. Using our wealth of expertise we guide you through the business change capabilities required to ensure new big data and analytics solutions are delivered and successfully adopted across the organisation.