Our early entrance into the Blockchain space, together with our extensive consulting experience, enables us to provide services that can help our clients innovate and implement complete and effective blockchain solutions at scale across their business.

What is your business strategy for blockchain?

Blockchain is driving significant innovation across many sectors and is being hailed as “the biggest thing since the internet”. However, building a business case to prove value, understanding the technologies and implementing the right solutions are preventing businesses from fully benefiting from blockchain and preparing themselves for the disruption ahead.

Our Blockchain Services

Thought Leadership

We have no shortage of blockchain talent on our team and are here to assess, advise and guide you toward the right solution for your business. We provide thought leadership to help you understand the value that blockchain can bring to your business, along with emerging industry trends and use cases across multiple sectors.

Consulting, Strategy & Innovation

Defining your business strategy around blockchain is critical before diving into solutions and technologies. Once we understand your key drivers our team of experts will consult on how to manage your adoption of blockchain and put forward an extensive set of recommendations and roadmap your journey to successful adoption.

Development & Delivery

We don’t just stop at good ideas, strategies and reports – we look to deliver on our recommended solution. We will architect, build and deliver your blockchain solution with the right blend of business models and technologies to match your specific business objectives and key drivers.

We recommend starting with our Innovation Workshop where we will meet with you to first understand your key business drivers. Always keeping the ‘why’ in mind we assess your existing capabilities and deliver a set of recommendations to move forward with.


Our Agile Approach

As first and best in class for introducing an agile way of working to digital transformation, we create tangible value for your business often and fast. We work in sprints using real use cases to test the right blend of models and technologies for your business, before building out at scale.

Is blockchain on your agenda? Talk to us today to find out how we can help you create, build and deliver blockchain solutions at scale.

We are proudly featured within Richtopia’s Top 100 Blockchain Influencers list.