Social Business

Social Business can enable better interaction with your customers

Marketing to your customers has to become and two-way activity in the Web 2.0 world.  Social Business can provide these benefits when adopted carefully.

Social Business can increase your organisational effectiveness

The application of Social Business internally can provide significant benefits - productivity, effective collaborative working and a better customer experience

Big Data

Big Data

The ways we store it (databases), make sense of it (analytics) and see it (visualisations).  New thinking and approaches and new ways of delivering products and services.




New models for paying for apps over the cloud. Our approach is provide low risk, but market leading thinking and implementation solutions.

Strategy and Management

Software applications as a service ( SaaS).  To ensure that real results can be gained, this requires strategy and managing the delivery of a solution.



multi-factor authentication that strengthens your existing identity security approach with trust and privacy.


Strategic solutions for governance, risk management and compliance (grc) for enterprises.

Fintricity - Innovation | Strategy | Design | Delivery
Enterprises need to innovate

Through tough times and through the best of times, enterprises need to innovate, refresh and apply new ways of working, new products and services.  Enterprises are also always striving to drive efficiencies, optimise business processes and service their clients better.

Fintricity works with clients to bring innovative thinking, develop ideas, or work together to solve key problems in their enterprise.

Our approach energises and helps drive change to any enterprise that needs an alternative way of getting to solutions and answers.

Our expertise is applied in a number of industries including media & entertainment, financial services, telecoms & mobile and public sector.  We believe that to work in any environment requires a deep understanding of the dynamics of an industry and the environment in which they work.

The current competitive and economic climate requires fast thinkingdeveloped ideas and the ability to deliver more efficiently.


Services areas in which we work

We work with our clients to help improve or transform their business.

- Leveraging 'Social' beyond the marketing hype for real business improvement

- Optimising technology and infrastructure to conduct business more efficiently

- Improving business performance through people and enterprise collaboration

- Designing and delivering marketing through continuous engagement

- Digitising businesses to adapt to using web and mobile technologies for integrated engagement


We have developed our services based upon client needs and business drivers and our leading edge thinking and application of technology.

The application of social media will change the way we work and live.  We have already seen the use of this paradigm in marketing, PR and consumer services.  Further development around these areas includes developing and integrated model of the use of Social Business in enterprises, applying new collaborative working approaches.

We also work in the area of Big Data.  Helping enterprises make use of the vast amounts of data that is latent in the enterprise.

A well rounded approach requires the development of a practical strategy and the apply solid management techniques to deliver any solution.




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