Our cloud services spread across three areas (I/P/Saas), but we take a holistic approach, focused on delivering complete solution, rather than one element. To ensure that an enterprise can capitalise on the move to a new cloud model, we help navigate and implement the right approach from infrastructure to application.

We deliver cloud transformations

We build cloud strategies, architect cloud infrastructure and build and integrate clouds for enterprises, managed service providers and software-as-a-service companies. We also work with our clients to deliver cloud services, such as implementing Salesforce, Marketo and Jive.

We provide services to help clients through the cloud journey.


Our Innovation services for Cloud help enterprises think differently and more optimistically about the use of cloud within their enterprise. Or by innovating through new business models opportunities that a cloud strategy can offer.
Innovating products/services with Cloud.  Cloud requires a different way of thinking in finding solutions, building solutions and deploying them.  We work with you to help to build business models, revenues models for commercial advantage.  This includes discovering core assets in your enterprises that could be used and provided as cloud services (e.g. discovering content that could be sold out to the market).

Strategy and Planning

We work with our clients to develop their cloud strategy holistically.  We start by understanding business objectives, and build operating models, roadmaps and business cases.
With SaaS models, or PaaS, we help build a strategy to determine the key capabilities required, assess market cloud software providers and recommend the right mix required, be they for digital transformation or big data and analytics.

Design and Architecture

We work with our clients to develop an architecture and design a solution which fits the business requirements. This includes looking at operations, risk, capabilities, user experience, integration. We assess the current and future state and build a roadmap and architecture as the end state.

Delivery and Implementation

We work with our clients to successfully deliver cloud, including providing change and project management, architecture, build configuration and integration, whether Infrastructure or platform. With SaaS solutions, such as Salesforce.

Our Cloud Services

Our cloud offerings encompass the following:

  • Business case development for clients to move to cloud, which include the strategic as well as technology aspects migrating to cloud. 

  •  Current state analysis of existing applications and assessing required capabilities for a cloud migration.

  • Advising, recommending and architecting cloud solutions from infrastructure to applications.

  • Agile build of cloud solutions that are future proof and scaleable to your environment.

Iaas/Paas Solutions and Services

There are a large and growing number of solutions available that could be implemented to build a strategic cloud solution. Each enterprise needs to think about how they are deployed. Open Source technologies have significantly matured over the past 10 years and are now used in anger. Newer enterprises, those with no legacy issues, such as Facebook, Linkedin and Google have taken advantage of these technologies.
We see technologies such as Open Stack and Cloud Foundry  as two of the leading open source stacks available to future proof your migration to cloud. The benefits of using these solutions are as follows:

  • It enables your enterprise to create a dynamic, scalable and flexible architecture to support your business applications.

  • Provisioning of services requires only configuration in a shorter timescales, rather than having to build on-demand.

  • Supported by leading vendors to ensure wide scale adoption, without being locked-in to a specific vendor architecture.

  • Rapidly deploy and support built applications.

We work with Openstack and Cloud Foundry, two leading open source technologies that will provide next generation architectures.

SaaS Solutions and Services

Our services focus on leading SaaS providers where we work to provide a future proof driven solution. As enterprises migrate to cloud applications, it requires careful planning, migration and integration.

  • Understand and Advise on business focussed use cases to solve specific business problems.

  • Recommendation of appropriate solutions. As we partner with a number of leading providers of cloud services, such as Salesforce, Jive Software, Marketo together with an understanding and expertise of the SaaS landscape, we can advisor on appropriate solutions for your business needs.

  • Architecture and Roadmap. We take a Use Case focused approach to find the right solution. Building the right architecture and business roadmap is a key step towards that goal.

  • Delivery and Implementation. We deliver by making sure that we help build, integrate and get adoption for the right solution.