Written by Alpesh Doshi, Founder of Fintricity.

Alpesh presented “Be Digital or Die” on Day 1 of the event and chaired the “Data Driven Product Innovation” afternoon on Day 2 at the IE’s Big Data Innovation Summit in San Francisco, 21st April, 2016. 


Visiting San Francisco again after a couple of years, it was interesting to meet a lot of US companies and the Bay Area golden startups that have been created in in the past 7 years. Those that have started in the last 7 years are in stark contrast in comparison to the Fortune 500.

Some of the digital and data native companies that presented included Uber, AirBnB, Groupon, Kabbage.

Here are some of the key observations I made throughout this great event:

  • Comparing the US and Europe in terms the maturity of application of Big Data Analytics, I was surprised to find the mature companies were mostly still at early stages of applying big data technology.
  • The same problems around having a technology rather that business-driven focus were largely the same as in Europe.
  • The digital transformation agenda was again still early and there was confusion around what a 21st century business should look like.
  • Skill shortages were similar and concerns to the types of skills too.

Overall it was great to participate in a conference with so many US-wide companies and even meet many people from the UK there too.


Watch Alpesh’s full “Be Digital or Die” presentation below:



Or take a look at the presentation: